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what is love to you?

isn't it like fire and powder
makes two people that fall for it consume each other
until they realize that it will ended up to dust
just reasoning the detail
without any perception
maybe it's innocent presumption
and i just see it from the corner of the california street

the sun shine after dawn
bring down the flutter of a swan
melody of moan
and i'm just a pawn
who trying to protect the queen
from the kingdom arogancy thorn
push her again and again

the field?it's not white and black
made from wood that doesn't hurt you when you fall
it's more likely like the stage of phantom the opera
force you to cry, force you to scream
and still you don't mind and be the main part
without hesitation to run far apart
what are you afraid of?
is it the punishment for your act
well thats the fact
why don't you keep it in your heart

there is no darkness
there is only less light
there is no loser
there is only someone lose and someone win
keep it in your head that you was a low entity
that lost your purity
but hei,my words,its not a charity

Sometimes people bring you down
pull out hatred from you and it felt so bad
but then you learn from what you had
you make your experience as your own advice
and then you learn to be nice
Thats what make you beautiful the way you are
i don't really care about your past
what i care is if there's still a place for me in your future and it'll last

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